“They say distances make love weak but i say distances has brought us closer!!”

Closer as a friend,boyfriend or anything.I still remember that day i when u came in my life and brought me out of the hell in which i was living, ur love,care and understanding  gave me the courage to believe in love.

It was u who gave me ua hand when i was shattered into pieces.The way u make me trust upon u,The way u adore me,the way u tell me how much u love me,the way u support me,the way u make me forget the world around,makes me fall in love with u all over again.Though we haven’t met yet but will be meeting soon,soon this distance will leave us and time will bring us together forever.

No matter what people say,i dont care about that & thanks to the WordPress on which we met,I promise on this much special day to be by ur syd always and ever!!

“I don’t know what life has in store for us,but i promise to love you always and ever till eternity!!

I also wants to thanks Google which helped you to find me 😇gmail where you send me your first messages and audio clip😘😘😘 hangout where we used to chat ❤❤❤ WhatsApp where we chat now 😆😆😆 and also special thanks to your mom and dad from whom you inherited singing talent😍😍😍 though you have many fans and followers but no one is jabra fan of yours like me😇😅☺😁 you won’t believe but I have listened more than 100 times tere sang yara which you have send 😍😍😍😍 and I want to end this by this little poem

Mujhe Ab Neend Ki Talash Nhi, Ab Raato Ko Jagna Achha

Lagta Hai…


Mujhe Nahi Maalum Ki Wo Meri HaiYa Nahi, Magar Khuda Se

Use Maangna Achha lagta Hai…


Jaane Mujhe Haq He Ya Nahi, Par Uski Parvaah Krna Achha

Lagta Hai…


Use Pyar Karna Shi He Ya Nahi, Par Is Ehsaas Ko Jeena Achha

Lagta Hai…


Kabhi Hum Saath Honge Ya Nahi, Par Ye Khawaab Dekhna

Achha lagta Hai…


Wo Meri He Ya Nahi, Par Use Apna Kehna Achha Lagta Hai…


Dil Ko Samjhaya Bahut Par Manta Hi Nahi,



Shayad ise Bhi Uske Liye Dhadkna Achha Lagta Hai.❤❤❤❤

The Friend Zone is Not Real

Let me start this off direct to the point– while it sounds heartbreaking to be in the so-called friend-zone , I don’t think it is a real place that suddenly exists when your favorite person doesn’t want you to be more than friends. The friend-zone is just what you label your cowardice, when you could just tell them straight up that you like them instead of slowly befriending them and showing them the signals that sometimes not all brains could comprehend. You showed up being oh-so-friendly, and that could lead to a lot of things, so in the end when it doesn’t turn out the way it was planned it doesn’t really mean he/she put you in the friend-zone. You did. You placed yourself in that situation.

So for example, you get attracted to somebody and your initial plan would be: “I NEED TO BE FRIENDS WITH MY CRUSH ASDFGHJKL”

That is the lamest, initial plan ever. That is, if you do not know the difference between friends and acquaintances. Being friends with your crush is a play safe, because you don’t even know if you’re part of the percentage of people who get married to their friend/best friend according to the Stats. An acquaintance is knowing a person, so slightly, without being a close friend.

Basically, you don’t have to be really friends to start dating. This is the modern world. Have some confidence (or if you have a lot of it, tone it down or else the magic wouldn’t work) to introduce yourself first. Being mere acquaintances is enough to ask somebody out later on, to tell them your real intentions of getting to know them better not as a friendly friend but as someone who initially likes them. You shouldn’t really make yourself look like the second lead (it’s always the best friend, I swear) if you want to end up with the main lead. So if you start being the second-lead, who are you kidding?

YOU are the one making up a friend-zone for yourself, not the person you like. And things that are made up like that aren’t real.

But what if the scenario is you were already FRIENDS with somebody and you wake up one day and find out you have a CRUSH on them? So the plan would be: “I NEED TO BE CLOSER WITH MY CRUSH ASDFGHJKL”

(There’s not even a hint of friend-zone there, right? If you’re thinking that there is, I think you’re being too hard on yourself. Don’t think of that friend-zone concept too much or you’ll go nuts.)

You’re not in the friend-zone, not at all. You’re far more important to be in that if you’re real friends from the start. There could be two things this could offer: one, it would be a positive thing where you “should remain friends” because there is a possibility that he/she will see that you could end up together some time in the future and you could take that as an opportunity; two, it is still a positive thing, though not as positive as the first one, because you would remain friends and that’s it.

It’s up to you, really, if you won’t be contented of the friendship. If you aren’t, that’s where you fall: in the friend-zone you say– because you’re the one who would make it up for yourself, not the person you like. It’s not real if you just made it up, right?

Far Away Lover💘

I lay in my bed and think about you

I love you so much I don’t know what to do

I feel your warmth at my side

The pain in my heart moves to my eyes

So far away yet always so near

You are the reason I am still here.

I await the times when we can talk

I await the times we can finally hold hands and walk

To feel you for real… so close to me

The happiest person in the world is what you would make me.

Your eyes shine like a million suns

You shine more brightly than anyone

Your smile so sweet can help but make me smile

It stops my world even for a little while

I await the time when my hand is in yours

To hear you say those 3 little words.

There are still no words I can say to describe

My heart it aches and my eyes they cry

But when we talk my heart flies

you always wipe away the tears I cry.

Even thought you aren’t here

And I miss you so much my dear

I’ll love you forever and ever

I’ll always love you my far away lover.

♥ ♥ ♥ I LOVE YOU






Invisible chains…

I am counting on….up to three

Please baby, let me free.

Now and then..You and me

This story is ending soon, I see.

Love and dreams, all are fake

Here you drowned me down in Lake

Mist and fog surrounded me

N I never realized I was lost within.

Searching for you all day and night

But i couldn’t see

I couldn’t see.

Now flashbacks, hitting me hard

Pain so intense, broken heart.

I was blind, just followed the footsteps…

that never lead anywhere, loneliness everywhere.

I know with this innocence I am nothing

So naive, so stupid that I could get you anything.

The candle melted away long back

And the lamps of faith were flickering.

But then also I went against my will

And I am repenting still….

What to do when there is no internet ?

Believe it or not, The world of internet has taken us all without any surprise! This love affair between Internet and us, the creatures, has been going on for some years and I can guarantee myself that one of the many reasons that I am writing this post is because there is no internet right now.Otherwise I would not have realised. And we are pretty much aware of what NO internet means to us.It means – NO Youtube, NO Facebook, NO Instagram, NO Twitter, NO Whatsapp, NO checking out dresses on, NO livechats, NO Donald Trump, NO, NO friends, NO life, I can’t breathe. Something is happening. Something is choking my Oesophagus. My hands are trembling. I get up. I sit down. No,No It can’t possibly be true. There can NOT be a case when there is no internet. Probably I m just messing with you and your body and your brain. OK let’s pop the bubble. I was joking. Come out of the ICU, Drink some water and Read ahead.

I don’t want to see you suffer if you are caught in the middle of the desert or woke up somewhere in the Amazon Forest just because there isn’t a wi-fi connection.(Because I am sure you are gonna post your SOS message on Facebook instead of calling someone for help).Okay, Jokes apart. Today I am going to tell you some of the things you can really try to do if there is no internet. I hope you do not go through something like that in your life but as we all know, Lightning can fall over our head someday too. We gotta be prepared.

Ever heard of writing? Kidding. You have the amazing moments of your life with you. You think. You feel but Have you ever thought writing in detail about it? Pretty much of the writing we do are the comments we make on someone’s wall on Facebook, Expressing our views on the current issues or writing blogs. You know how much distracted you are most of the time? There are SO many good things on internet. So many issues to address and So many friends to talk to. There is Rush and traffic in our memory lanes inside our head flashing a dozen things we should do. No one wants a monotonous and conventional life these days. You want to be everything.Involve yourself in everything.You don’t have time to pay enough attention to one thing and make a Diamond out of the coal. Imagine one unfortunate day you couldn’t connect to internet due to some technical can open a text editor and start writing. It will do wonders. There is a difference between writing a blog directly and writing something offline. Your Fingers are not curious about what the hell is happening in your neighboring tabs. you can avail the opportunity and write without being distracted and carve your masterpiece.Happy writing!

Do you like watching movies ? I am sure you will like making one too. Get out of your house and go to nearest Nature’s paradise and shoot some of the best shots of your life. you can edit it later. You do not need internet for that. Fold your jeans and go barefoot into the Flowing Water with your friends and record. Movies of our time relies heavily on Supreme locations so Go and find some of your prime locations in your vicinity, think about the scenes and Lights!Camera!Action!

I know you download books from internet and read it but you can give hardcopy a shot too. Please. There is nothing comparable to the feeling we get while turning the pages of a real book.So Go and grab that book lurking in the shadows of your cupboard that you wanted to read for quite some time but couldn’t find time to do so.

Try cooking something! I know, I know there is no youtube to teach you how to but sometimes asking Mom for help is not a bad idea.You will enjoy a great deal of bonding with her too. Because she doesn’t belong to the internet age and she will be more than happy to help you.

Meditate. I don’t want you to die if there is no internet. Your symptoms were pathetic. You have a phobia of not getting internet. you need to give your mind an intentional rest like you do with your body while sleeping. Clear your mind. Get out of the virtual world and feel the magic of breathing. you are giving way too much pressure on your brain.

Finally, find an escape. No internet in today’s world means you are disconnected from this world. you don’t have to deal with some stupid message your friend is continuously sending you. you don’t have access to grocery list your mother has sent you. you didn’t get party invitation because you were offline. you do not have to stop by the garage to ask how much repair has been done because you didn’t get your father’s message. you do these things all the time. Give yourself a rest and go somewhere. In your dreams or in reality doesn’t matter but do go. Read this as a good sign and spend sometime with yourself. Anyways you do not give yourself enough.

Now you have done all these things and your internet is good now. Upload the movie you made. Post the story you wrote. Send the picture of that super delicious chocolate brownie. Make the internet jealous!

Existential Crisis

At the middle of the night, I met crisis

It was questioning me

I was questioning myself

Who am I really?

What is my purpose?

What is my value?

How did the world really started?

How were we created?

Is history the same as what we’re told?

What is the forbidden fruit?

How is life in other people’s perspective?

What does it feel like, to look at life, through another’s eyes?

What is life after death?

What is Earth before life?

Do I really die when I die?

Was I reincarnated?

Then who am I before?

Who am i now?

Who am I in the future?

Are others thinking the same as I do?

Are they asking similar questions too?

Are you?…

There are more questions bugging me

Every night there are questions, yet no answers

And this life might end before I finish asking

Such a night, such crisis

At the middle of the night, I met crisis.

Incomplete Stories…

Incomplete stories used to be my favourite,

I used to love being able to make-up the end.

Give the characters a happy ever-after,

The kind people only dream about.

That’s why I started in the first place,

To gain control of a fictional life,

Because mine was all over the place.

It was one of our favourite debates,

Between you and I.

Where you, the ever free spirit didn’t understand control,

And lived each day unexpectedly,

While I, the ever controlled being didn’t understand the unexpected,

And lived with stability.

But we were the reason I lost my faith in incomplete stories.

I kept hoping you’d come back and we’d sort things out,

Looking at it now though,

We were meant to be over from the start,

And be left with broken and bleeding hearts,

Because you were a whirlwind and I was a tornado,

Destroying everything in our path from the get go.



I’ve never felt like this before.

Even if I’ve been through this back and forth.

Hate to have this kind of feeling,

That day and night seems like I’m dreaming.

No one will understand,

Since all they know is I’m your Stan.

No one will ever care ,

Since I’m just one of the mediocre out there.

Texting each other throughout the day,

Makes them think that I am your bae.

 I don’t mind what they say,

So long as I’m happy feeling this way.

I’m always stalking on your Facebook profile,

Just wanting to see your tantalizing sweet smile.

This made me think for a mile.

What if we personally exchange those smiles?

Coin-sized sweat; armpit and hands are wet.

Trying to keep myself calm, ready and set.

I don’t want to ruin this night,

Since we’ll now be communicating in sight.

Time is ticking a little bit slower,

As my heart is beating louder and louder.

I was on cloud 9 when I was sitting beside you.

Then I reached Heaven when you smiled at me and say “Thank you”

We have to call it a night,

Since you still have lessons to write.

I don’t understand why the night has to end,

But I’m happy to finally meet you “text-friend”

Happy Holi…

May the colorful festival of Holi bring you good luck and prosperity in life…

May your life always be filled with the colors of joy and happiness…Wishing you a HOLI filled with sweet moments and colourful memories to cherish forever.



Diwakar 💜💜💜

होली 💖💕💞

 आज होली के मौके पर

अगर तू साथ होती

किस तरह बायाँ करूँ

कि क्या बात होती…???
तू मेरे आँखों मै

मै तेरी आँखों मै झांकता

इससे बढ़कर भला 

मेरे लिये क्या सौघात होती 
अपने हाथो से गुलाल लगाता तेरे गालो पे 

चारो तरफ़ प्यार के रंगो की बरसात होती

तू कौन मै कौन ये सब भूल जाते 

इन सबसे आगे प्यार ही एक अपनी जात होती।💗💗💗
These lines are especially for yours beautiful and sexy eyes 💕💞

मुझे मजबूर करती है

तेरी आँखे यूँ लिखने को 

वरना शायरी करना 

कहाँ मेरे वश की बात होती

तेरे चेहरे को देखकर 

बस यही सोचता हूँ

तेरे जैसे ही होती

अगर कही कायनात होती 💝💞💝💞